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The Girls
Lauren aka Sasqo aka Laurenbabe aka Sasquatch-  Pretty much everyone agrees that Lauren is one of the most *ScanDalouS* of all of us.  She likes to go out and have fun. She is currently not taken... So if you are a hot guy with a nice truck ...
Jessica aka Homie-Foo aka Satan aka Hessican aka Lessica Jazdins- 
Jessica is definitely the problem solver of our crew.  Everyone always turns to her for advise...she's like the univeral confidant.  She's also the smartest one of us too.  (Ms. 5.0 and #1 girl in the junior class)  Right now she's at UC Davis researching the effects of asthma on infant monkeys.  I'm so NOT joking either.  GO NERDERY!!  So if she's stressed, you don't need to wonder why!  Jessica likes to drive, play soccer, and especially participate in MOCK TRIAL YEAH!!!
Coby aka Cobra-  I'm Coby, and it's a little hard to describe myself...I'm known as the ditsy blonde cheerleader, but there's definitely more to me than that.  I'm the ASB VP for next year, and I'm in a whole bunch of clubs and stuff too.  I'm currently single and very confused...I often wonder if guys are actually human.  I love country music and the color pink, and dimples are the best thing ever!!

Monique aka Mo-Fo-  Well, Monique is the dancer out of all of us.  She's also a cheerleader, and the new ASB Treasurer, among other things.  She is currently taken by Brad Mizuno, and very sprung so other guys, BACK OFF!!  She has a pyscho little brother named Ajay who screams a lot.  Monique loves roses and sourdough bread, and she works for my mom now, out in BFE at New Jerusalem Charter School.

Christina aka Jigga Pet aka Christina Latina-  Christina is a definitely at heart always a DQ worker (so kidding), but she is now working at Hat World.  As of right now, Christina is spoken for by John (ahh...the love of mall workers).  She loves the retard impressions, especially when John, Brad, and Heather all do them simultaneously.  She is our Latin love, and she digs Mehicanos and pink zebra thongs!! :)

Katie aka Evil Twin aka KatieDal- 
Katie is the adult out of all of us.  She has even worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and been under strict government surveliance.  Sometimes we think she's a pod person (j/k).  She has a really cool little sister who likes to do experiments, and she likes to wear close that show cleavage. :)  She also enjoys reading the Tracy Press several times a day.  Now she has joined mine and Heather's apricot crew at Eden Garden!!

Cortnie aka Ginger-  Cortnie is finally single, so now she has time to hang out with us!!  And she will again when we're all ungrounded...  Cort is our firey red-headed friend, and she is an awesome tumbler and cheerleader.  She always has a smile to share with everyone, and knows just how to brighten our day.  :)  Cortnie's into Roxy stuff and stealing her sister Christy's clothes. 

Heather aka Vibrant Thang aka Wihl Thang aka Ariel- Heather is known for the biggest smile and the best laugh that anyone has ever seen.  She always makes everyone feel better.  Heather is the soon to be Interact club president, and our junior class princess (and is now SINGLE AND LOVING IT!!).  Heather has the family from the Walton's, and she loves tap dancing and the little mermaid!!

Sabrina aka Saber aka Sabbie- 
Sabrina is the master of impersonations of everyone and everything.  She does an awesome Pappy Sasser if you ever have the opportunity to see it.  She is currently taken by one of the APOP boys, Alfred.  If you think you knew her before, you wouldn't recognize her anymore, because she is so different!!  However the crazy faces will never die!!

Erica aka Airika-  Erica is another one of the members of the THS cheer squad.  She is a total sweetie, and she always hosts the best parties at her house!!  She is finally single, but is already being sought after by many boys.  We love cruising with her cuz she's so cute, but she attracts all the mehicanos! j/k  Erica is a LATINA, but she is kinda whitewashed.  She is also in the BTC with Lauren.  She loves lavender and princess stuff....

-reprinted text from Coby Vink
First version of the site is just a reprint of their old one.  New stuff to come.

"My feet are cold, My feet are cold!"-Coby
"Look at me, Look at me!"-Lauren
"How you doing?"-Lauren
"Ya greedy bitch!"-Bart Vink
"I just want you to know that you guys are my best friends!"-Monique
"Let's do a pucker stand."-Lauren & Christina
"You batch!"-Sabrina
"Why is she at the snack bar? They don't sell hay there!"-Lauren
"You nasty bitch!"-Coby
"Talk dirty to me!"-Coby
"I'm gonna shit a brick!"-Jessica
"Are you like sad or something?"-  Monique
"Cry me a river you fat fuckin' baby!!"-Jessica
"If you flaunt it, they're gonna want it!!"-Mary
"Six...not seven!!"-Christina
"Live, eat, sk8"-Dustin
"Your mother!!"-Brent
"Helllllooooo girls!!"-Sabrina
"I need to praise you like I should-d-d-d-d-d!!"-Heather
"Who's ScanDalouS today?"- Anyone that matters
"Looks like someone has a case of the crab apple mcnasties!!"-Jessica and Christina
"Darn you to heck, and your family...and your dog too!"-Jessica and MoFo
"This one time, I have a doll like that, and my cat, he bite his head off!!"-Saber
"Five dolla boom boom"-Brad Lee
"But...I have hands!!"-Brad Lee
"Uhhh  Huhhhh!!"-Heather
"IIIII  knowwww!!"-Christina and Jessica
"That's a Coby moment"-Jesse
"I hate my f***** parents!!"-Brad Smith
"Let the dryer to the work!"-Jessica
"When you get older they can call you Cappy."-Lauren, Christina, and Jessica
"Lets Biggoty Bounce"-MoFo
"Its Cappy Redneck!"-Lauren, Christina, and Jessica
" I got up at the CRACK of dawn and wanted to ASS-K you a question"-Jessica and Lauren
"Beat you like a redheaded stepchild!"-Christina
"Whatever dawg"-Lauren
"I've got a thong on my head!"-Jessica
"Pink power!"-Jessica, Christina, Heather, Crissy
"I just have to tell you guys that you are so immature" and "I'm 4 feet tall but I am going to be a model!"-Maggie
"And the guy stuck his head out the window and was like WOO HOO!"-Sumeet
"They're beetles on steroids!"-Jessica
"Shit balls!"-Brad
"Look what I can do!" and "Lemme do it!"-Jon
"How about you take the bag... and I go to Fun Factory?"-Michael
"I need some ass!"-Lauren
"Whatever dawg I'm hungry!"-Jenny and Christina
"Stewart, honey, show mommy what you can do!"-Lauren
"Bang, bang!!"-Jon
"Tell me about it.  Tell me about it.  Nah...I'll just stay home."-Mike Fine
"Ooohhhh, it's Jon Young!!!  I love him!!  Jon Young Fan Club!!"-Jessica and Katie
"Facials, girls!!  Facials!!"-Mrs. Robison LEE
"All your music is is Booty Booty Booty, touch my Booty!!"-MoFo's Daddy
"Crying makes me happy."-Ajay
"24-7???  Is that like twenty four days seven months?"-Satinder (Monique's mom)
"You're an idiot.  You're just an idiot.  You're such an idiot!!"-Katie
"Hahahahaha!!!  Domonic's wearing a leopard thong!"-Christina
"Do you want an autographed ketchup packet?"-Guy with the Flappy
"Don't f****** touch me!!"-Lauren
"At least our faces are okay!!"-Monique
"I wish I was dead.  I wish I would've died!!"-Jessica
"EWWWW!!!  Oh my God!!  EWWW!!!"-Coby
"Do you have any antibacterial?"-Jessica
"Just joshin."-Shelby
"Congratulations!!  Do you want a cookie?"-Coby
"Bitch best back and me baby one on one!"-Lauren and Monique
"Uhhh-ahhhhh he ain't gon get none! Don't get mad cause your man want me!"-Monique and Lauren
"This is between me and the kid."-Christina
"Look at that guy!!  He's sooooo fine!!!"-Monique
"It was an accident!!"-Ajay